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Bielefelder Tanztheater: Amateurs dance “communication

For its 2008/2009 season, the Tanztheater Bielefeld – under the direction of Gregor Zöllig and Christine Biedermann -  held two ballet evenings on “communication” using amateurs from all walks of life. They was based on the performance by the dance company to “Brahms’ First Symphony”. Eighty-three passionate dancers, including a group of hearing-impaired participants, took part.

Weblink: “Zeitsprung” (leap in time), a Bielefelder Tanztheater project

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Ein Projekt vom Tanztheater Bielefeld (A project by Tanztheater Bielefeld). Text by Marion Meier. Photos by Ursula Kaufmann and Cornelia Suhan.

The Hörmann Group sponsored the scenery for the performance.

“Brahms’ First Symphony”, choreographed by Gregor Zöllig and premiered in 2009, translates Brahms’ music into moving images from the modern working environment.

The ballet ensemble of Theater Bielefeld familiarised itself with this theme in the production halls at Hörmann KG Amshausen and other locations.

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Bielefeld Tanztheater visits Hörmann, Amshausen