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Projects sponsored by Hoermann



A regional golf training centre for the Special Olympics is emerging from the humble beginnings of the Mamre Patmos School golf team at the Bielefelder Golf Club.
The sheltered workshop at the von Bodelschwingh’schen Stiftung, Bethel will temporarily send a worker to the BGC.
This year, handicapped golfers from the Land North-Rhine Westphalia and their carers went to Athens, Greece to participate in the 2011 Special Olympics.


The Buddhist Phaung Daw Oo School in Mandalay develops a new method of training for agricultural technicians.

People with mental handicaps that work at the “barner 16” creative workshop produce short films for the internet.


Jan Peter Tripp reads and exhibits: “im AUS zuhaus”




We helped finance the short film “Laura und Fred” produced by the music and film production lab of the Evangelische Stiftung Alsterdorf.


The theme of “Zeitsprung” from the 2008/2009 season is “Amateurs dance ‘communication’”


Thanks to financial support from Hörmann, the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Behinderung und Medien” (abm, working group for disabilities and media) and the WDR studio in Bielefeld produced a DVD with short films for schools.


In 2009, the golf team received the “Jugendmedizinpreis des Berufsverbandes der Kinder- und Jugendärzte” (pediatric medicine prize from the association for pediatricians)


Matthias Bundschuh and Hannelore Hoger read works by Francis of Assisi and Marie de Brebis.




Dame Evelyn Glennie joins a poetry reading in Rietberg with a concert for percussion instrument




A Joinery for the Phaung Daw Oo School in Mandalay


Actress Senta Berger reads in Bethel (Bielefeld) from Robert Walser’s works


Donor of the first place film award “Moen-Koey” (Always), Director: Sivaroj Kongsakul


Hörmann helps train a team of young golfers with mental handicaps. The Golfers travelled to the Special Olympic Games in Shanghai  




A multimedia educational project of the "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Behinderung und Medien", Munich


A long-term documentary of the „Clinic for Children and Youth with Epilepsy“, Bethel-Bielefeld


Photographer: Christian Güssow (Hamburg)


Nele and Angela Winkler read in Schloss Vörden fairytales by Hans Christian Andersen




"The Way We Live", disability from a different perspective, Munich 2.-5.11. 2003
Donor of the first place film award “Wackelkontakt”, directors: Eike Swoboda, Felix Engel


„Wanderung durch Geel“

Images of a Belgian village and its „Simpel“, photography project of Kerstin Rolfes (Hochschule für Künste, Bremen)



Literature and Music Festival „Wege durch das Land“

Actor David Bennet reads in Kloster Herzebrock from W. G. Sebald’s novel “Austerlitz”





anders II

Continuation of the photography project "anders" in cooperation with Beaugrand Kulturkonzepte, Bielefeld




Image Database for Epilepsy Awareness. Database project of the International Bureau for Epilepsy






Mabuse-Verlag, Frankfurt 2003. Publication of the workshop "Illness and Disability in Motion Pictures"



"The Way We Live", disability from a different perspective, Munich 19.-22.11. 2003.
Donor of the first place film award “Simon”, director: Regis Roinsard


4th International Short Film Festival, Munich Film Museum 19. - 22.11.2003


Hartheim. Fünf Gänge

Official festival film of the 4th Short Film Festival, directors: Bernd Thomas and Karl Heinz Gruber


Mailing Campaign by the Möbius Syndrome Association

For all private-practice paediatricians and the specialist departments of children's and maternity clinics




Images of disabilities, photography project of the Hochschule für Künste, Bremen


Cardiac Defects Primer

Published by the Children's Cardiac Centre, Sankt Augustin





6th Video Festival "Epilepsy in Focus"

Buenos Aires, Argentina, 13.5.-18.5., organised by the Public Educational Commission of the IBE



Introductory brochure for the Möbius Syndrome Association


Illness and Disabilities in Motion Pictures

Workshop at the 3rd International Short Film Festival "The Way We Live", Munich 15.-18.11.2001





Self-Control for Seizures 2000

Seminar of the German Epilepsy Association (DE), 18.-22.9.2000 – workshop with body painting


Internet edition of "Epikurier"

First online German newspaper on epilepsy, published by the Bavarian Association for Epilepsy


First website of the Möbius Syndrome Association


IZE Video Katalog II

Bielefeld 2000. Description of 100 informational and feature films about epilepsy, chronic illnesses and disabilities




Anfälle. Erfahrungen mit Epilepsie (Seizures. Experiences with Epilepsy)

[Mabuse Verlag, Frankfurt/M., 2000. Publication of a Germany-wide call for contributions on the topic of "my first seizure"



Ich kann es doch (Yes, I Can)

A mountain tour with the epileptic amateur mountain climber Ludwig Stimpfle, film from the Bavarian Broadcasting Service, director: Michael Pause


Design and photo competition for new perspectives with the participation of the German League Against Epilepsy, Barmer Ersatzkasse and International Bureau for Epilepsy 


Presentation of 22 films from the 5th IBE Video Festival, Dublin 1997

at the Prix Leonardo IX, Parma 26.10.-29.10.1999





Epilepsy – a Topic for the Classroom

Pilot project of the Schloß Stein School (Bavaria)





Familienzoff (Family Trouble)

A role play (informational film/12 min.), director: Christine Maschke


IZE Video Katalog

Bielefeld 1995. Description of 200 informational and feature films about epilepsy, chronic illnesses and disabilities




Eigentlich will ich Unabhängigkeit (I Just Want to Be Independent)

Self-control during epileptic seizures. (informational film/12 min.), director: Christine Maschke




Die müssen mich nehmen wie ich bin (They Need to Accept Me for Who I Am)

Young people with epilepsy, (film reports/10 min.) director: Christine Maschke


Zukunftschancen? Epilepsie im Schulalter (Chances for the Future? Epilepsy in the School Years)

(informational film/20 min.), director: Christine Maschke


Video library of the Information Centre for Epilepsy (IZE)

Setup and equipment