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Klaus-Hermann Bunte, Bradley Kerr, golfer Kai Etzrod
Klaus-Hermann Bunte, Bradley Kerr, golfer Kai Etzrod

From a school golf team to the regional golf training centre at the Bielefelder Golf Club

What began as work with a group of pupils has now turned into proper golf training for people with mental handicaps. It takes place at the Bielefelder Golf Club (BGC) and is supported financially by the Hörmann Group. These days, team members train and play as a part of the “North-Rhine Westphalia Golf Training Centre for Special Olympics Germany”.

Klaus-Hermann Bunte, deputy headmaster of the Mamre Patmos School, a special education centre run by the “von Bodelschwingh’schen Stiftungen” in Bethel/Bielefeld, is the founder, manager and organiser of the special golf team. The head pro at the BGC, Bradley Kerr, is in charge of the regional golf training centre. He already gained experience working with special golfers in his home country, Scotland, and has been taking care of the group for years.

Golf has become a popular sport at the Mamre Patmos School in Bethel near Bielefeld.

The Bielefelder Golf Club regularly holds tournaments as an incentive for these special golfers and to prepare them for the Special Olympics held in, for example, Shanghai (in 2007) and Athens (in 2011). Former Federal President Horst Köhler took part in a friendly game at the BGC in June 2011.